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Once a modest family business, Timberland has grown into a fairly big company—and we owe a lot of our success to the people and places around the world where we set up shop. That’s why engaging citizens, employees, and consumers through community service has always been a priority for us.

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Timberland Celebrates Earth Day 2013

Timberland Celebrates Earth Day 2013

Earth Day is quickly approaching and Timberland is excited to celebrate for the 15th consecutive year by participating in community greening and revitalization projects in over 20 countries across the globe. Last year Timberland employees completed more than 145 service projects, generating more than 25,000 hours of service, positively impacting communities worldwide. Timberland’s commitment to corporate responsibility is rooted in community service; the brand has worked passionately to create positive and sustainable impacts in communities for over 20 years.

This year Timberland is celebrating Earth Day by directing over 110 community service projects from New Hampshire and New York City to London and Hong Kong. Some this year’s Earth Day projects include:

New York City: Partnering with the group Concrete Safaris of East Harlem, 40-50 Timberland employees will work with children 8-12 years old to plant, mulch, and renovate the program’s many educational gardens. Concrete Safaris is an after school program that works with children to promote healthy living and an active lifestyle. Volunteers will also lead the children on a scenic bicycle ride through the boroughs of New York.

Zhuhai, China: Timberland’s Zhuhai office is working with employees from the Pou Yuen Factory at an event where over 130 volunteers will work to re-green the local riverside park by planting 100 new trees, as well as working to paint, decorate, and renovate the local children’s community center. This event is a unique opportunity for Timberland employees to team up with the employees of the Pou Yuen factory, and work alongside their families and children as well.

London, England: 45 volunteers will serve with the Rushmore Primary School, working on a project to renovate and improve the children’s playground area. The team will renovate the gardening and landscaping around the playground perimeter, build an outdoor area for the children to create artwork, and renovate the educational garden where students can plant fruits and vegetables. This project is a collaborative event with our partners from Timberland’s International Design Center.

Timberland HQ Stratham, NH: Over 300 employees from Timberland’s world headquarters will be participating in six events in the local surrounding area. Events include building a playground at the Monarch School for children with disabilities, tree planting and re-greening of a local dog park, building workbenches and painting at two local summer camps and after school teen centers, as well as sewing teddy bears from environmentally conscious materials that will be given to children in need.

Timberland’s commitment to Earth Day as an annual celebration of service to our planet, allows for unique opportunities to work with our partners year after year. In 2012 Timberland employees built 125 wooden bird houses for the New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game, 25 of which will be newly installed at the Great Bay Nature Conservancy this upcoming Earth Day.

“We always try to pick a diversity of projects and locations for our service events, to accommodate the skills and abilities of all of our employees” said Brianne Wood, Community Service Manager at Timberland. “Events always include both outdoor and indoor activities so that every employee has the opportunity to participate and contribute in their own way.”

Robert Gibbons, a newly hired Interactive Developer, recently participated in Timberland’s New Employee Day of Service at a local New Hampshire food pantry. “It was great to work alongside the pantry’s volunteers and get to see how appreciative they were of everything we were able to accomplish that afternoon” said Robert. “I am looking forward to getting the chance to serve again during our Earth Day celebration in a couple weeks.”

With Earth Day quickly approaching, the Timberland team is working to put together the final pieces of the 110 events taking place worldwide. Earth Day is an employee driven effort that is managed worldwide by our volunteer team of Global Stewards and other passionate employees in each Timberland location. This Earth Day, Timberland employees are projected to contribute over 18,500 hours of service to their local communities, helping to make a positive and sustainable impact all over the globe. “I am looking forward to a great showing this year and the smiles on everybody’s faces after seeing the work that we’ve accomplished at the end of the day,” said Wood. “I’m so grateful that Timberland gives us such a wonderful opportunity for us to give back to our local communities and it is amazing to see how much we can achieve together.”

-- Download Timberland Celebrates Earth Day 2013 as PDF --

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