Engaging Communities
Once a modest family business, Timberland has grown into a fairly big company—and we owe a lot of our success to the people and places around the world where we set up shop. That’s why engaging citizens, employees, and consumers through community service has always been a priority for us.

-- Download Timberland Invites You to Join Serv-a-palooza as PDF --

Timberland Invites You to Join Serv-a-palooza

Timberland Invites You to Join Serv-a-palooza

Timberland Invites You to Join Serv-a-palooza

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of our Path of Service™ program, Timberland® stores worldwide invite you to become part of a global community service effort. Join us to leave your footprint in your own community!

Timberland’s Path of Service™ program gives employees paid time off to serve in their communities, and every year we hold an annual celebration of community service called “Serv-a-palooza” to make it easy for employees to engage. Every fall since 1997, Timberland employees across the globe pull on their boots and put their values in action by engaging in local service through this marquee event.

While consumers have been welcome to pitch in on Serv-a-palooza activities in the past, there hasn’t been an organized recruitment effort—until now. Cindy Fotheringham-Pfeiffer, Timberland’s Global Steward for US Retail, explains that this year, we’re looking to involve consumers more deliberately in Serv-a-palooza as part of the Path of Service™ anniversary celebration. “We would love to involve consumers beyond just telling them about these events, so that they can actually share in giving back to the places where we live and work.”

And we’re hoping to engage consumers on a global scale. As part of Timberland’s 20th Anniversary celebration, we’re inviting consumers in other countries to join us in service– see here for information about how Timberland Taiwan is engaging consumers throughout the year.

Back in the U.S., a myriad of events are planned for September 9-20– and YOU are encouraged to participate! Timberland® retail stores are partnering with the SPCA, the Humane Society, local food banks, and community centers in the Northeast. On the west coast, you might serve at the Wildlife Education Rehabilitation Center, the Police Activity League, or Habitat for Humanity, among others. Perhaps you’ll help out at the San Marcos Housing Activity in Texas or the Springs Preserve in Las Vegas. And many other events are planned nationwide.

Just what activities will service events with these organizations entail? You might help with a plant sale or a charity golf event, refurbish homes for the elderly, beautify parks and playgrounds, paint schools, and more.

“Service is built into Timberland’s core values and the heritage of the company, so we give back to the community any way we possibly can. We are excited for consumers to join us!”

To find the U.S. retail store nearest you and learn how you can join their Serv-a-palooza service events, click here. For global Serv-a-palooza activites, check your country specific Timberland website.

-- Download Timberland Invites You to Join Serv-a-palooza as PDF --

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